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Biodiversity Awareness Survey

Green Schools- Biodiversity Awareness Survey

We have been working on the Biodiversity theme in Belcarra N.S. since October 2020 and we will soon be applying to renew our Green schools Flag.
In October 2020 each class teacher distributed a Biodiversity Awareness Survey to their own class and the results were collected afterwards. In January 2022 the Bioversity Awareness Survey was repeated in each classroom. Some children from sixth class created a block graph to compare the results from Year 1 and Year 2 Surveys. At the start of this programme very few children had ever heard of the term 'biodiversity'. The Year 2 results show that the children learned a lot about biodiversity, the importance of biodiversity, the threats to biodiversity and ways to help biodiversity.

Sample Correct Answers
Define biodiversity- The huge variety of living things and their habitats.
Q3:Reasons why biodiversity is important- helps provide food, gives us oxygen, regulates climate, we can make furniture, clothes, houses etc.
Q4: Threats to biodiversity- habitat loss, pollution, over exploitation/over- fishing, pesticides.
Q5: Ways to help biodiversity- erecting bird boxes, growing flowering plants for bees, bug hotels, plant wildflower areas, letting areas grow wild etc.

 Link to Bar Chart

Winner of Green School Code Competition
Bar Chart of Biodiversity Awareness
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